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Free Affiliate Marketing Website Builder and Training Course for Beginners

Some people that want to start an affiliate marketing business have limited funds but have the desire to be successful. Of those, most would put in the time to build a legitimate online affiliate marketing business if it was affordable.

This is why you need a free affiliate marketing website builder and training course for beginners to start making money online.

See how you can learn, build and earn on a budget to start your affiliate marketing journey.

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Builder and training course for beginners

How Can An Online Training Course Help Beginners Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Education is the seed that has to be planted for a flower to grow and flourish. Without a solid education or training, in any profession, people are not able to reach their maximum potential. It is no different in affiliate marketing.

When it comes to affiliate marketing there are some basics that one needs to know to get off to a successful start. Learning to how find a  profitable niche, setting up your website and getting your website ranked in the search engines are all very important steps to making money online.

In addition, if you think because you found some cool products to promote you will be rich in a week, you are sadly mistaken.

Affiliate marketing is a business. It takes time to build a profitable business. While you can make some immediate income, the goal should be to build a long term sustainable business.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme. It takes work and execution to be successful. But, the great thing is, anyone can learn affiliate marketing and have success. You just have to have the desire to make it happen.

Therefore, without the correct platform, education, training, tools and resources, your affiliate marketing journey can get off to a rocky start and end before you even begin.

What Is An Affiliate Website Builder?

If you are going to start an affiliate marketing business you are going to need a website. As you grow your business you are going to need multiple websites to scale and enter more niches.

So, picking a website builder and platform is very important to the success of your business.

A website builder by definition is a set of tools that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing.

Therefore, website builders make it easier for users to build their own private websites.

With that said, there are a few reputable website builders companies out there like Wix, GoDaddy and Squarespace. The website builders offered by these companies are of high quality.

Although, each one of these website builder platforms has concerns when it comes to affiliate marketing. Especially when it comes to page speed and the training an affiliate marketer needs to profit.

Furthermore, the cost can rise exponentially to operate your website on these platforms due to renewal fees, scaling your business and addressing the concerns above.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business you need an affiliate marketing website builder that operates on the WordPress platform to start making money online.

Wix – Prices range from $0-$500 a month

Wix offers one of the best free website builders on the market but it seems to be better for brick and mortar or specialist like fitness professionals, cleaning services, moving companies, etc. rather than affiliate marketers.

Additionally, beyond paying the monthly subscription fee, there are other costs that include Wix Auto-Renewel, Domain name, Custom email addresses, Premium Wix apps, Wix Ascend and SEO for your website.

GoDaddy – Prices range from $0-$24.99 a month

GoDaddy is more of a domain and hosting company that offers a website builder to its customers. As a result, their website builder application suffers with limited page design and flexibility for its affiliate marketing users.

Moreover, Godaddy prices seem low but those promotional prices usually apply for just the 1st year. After year 1, the renewal prices are more expensive for many of their products and services.

Squarespace – Prices range from $0-$46 a month

Squarespace is a little less flexible and versatile then Wix. Although, it has a great blogging feature and fully-responsive website templates that work great on mobile and desktop devices.

Mostly, Squarespace has issues with usability of the website editor, sub-navigation menus and has very low ratings by Google for page speed. They also charge a 3% transaction fee for those that want to build commerce sites.

In short, all of these companies offer good to great website builders that can be effective for many people depending on their type of business.

The main downfall for someone getting into affiliate marketing is that these company applications, as a whole, are not affiliate marketer friendly.

Each have there own problems with certain applications needed for affiliate marketers but they all have issues with page speed and affiliate marketing training.

Page speed is how fast a page loads when someone visits your website. Search engines rewarded or punished your website based on this loading time.

Having slow loading pages can be detrimental to your business and can hinder website rankings in these search engines. Customers, on the other hand, get fed up and leave slow loading websites.

Even more, they do not offer any affiliate training or support to help educate you for success in making money online.

They are website builder platforms not affiliate marketing platforms. Continued training and expert support is crucial to any affiliate marketer that wants to build, grow and scale a business online.

Using A Free Website Builder And Affiliate Marketing Training Course To Make Money

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which an online retailer pays you a commission for traffic or sales generated from your referrals. If done right, affiliate marketing can be very profitable and rewarding.

While you can make money affiliate marketing without a website, in most instances a website or blog is going to be needed to grow your business.

Therefore, having a website builder and affiliate platform that makes building your websites as easy as possible is imperative.

How To Start Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Below is a simplified version of how to start making online with affiliate marketing for beginners. Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding with the right training and tools.

Here is a quick breakdown of how affiliate marketing works. A little effort and determination can go a long way.

  1. Find a reliable website builder and affiliate marketing training platform.
  2. Find a niche. Within that niche, find a product or service to promote.
  3. Recommend the product or service to potential customers through your website, blog, paid advertisements or email list.
  4. Customers purchase the product or service through your affiliate link. Your affiliate link is provided to you by the business.
  5. You are paid a commission for the sales you generate through your affiliate link.

Through training and education you will be able to find profitable niches, products and services to promote.


Affiliate marketing training for beginners

How Do I Get A Free Affiliate Marketing Website?

If you are serious about making money online with affiliate marketing to either grow a part-time or full-time income, there is only one real option:

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 affiliate marketing platform in the world. It boasts the highest rating in the industry for the last 15 years.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the education, training, tools and resources you need to be successful. The WA website builder and affiliate training platform is used by some of the top affiliate marketers in the world.



Free Affiliate Marketing Website Builder and Training Course for Beginners





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