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Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan – Is It Worth It?

Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan

The Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan is so unique because it offers its members multiple ways to make money online. In addition, in 2020 Wealthy Affiliate introduced its Premium Plus Membership, further expanding the income you can make with Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only that, Wealthy Affiliate provides you multiple to ways to build an affiliate marketing business. You can sell any product in the world from sites like Amazon, earn a residual income promoting Wealthy Affiliate or you can make money just by being active within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

This holistic approach to making money online separates Wealthy Affiliate from the rest. Come see what the Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan has to offer.

Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the best affiliate compensation plans on the market today because it is centered around monthly residual income. Residual income is the GOLD that all affiliate marketers look for in any reputable affiliate program because it allows you to make money on a monthly basis off of just one sale.

Therefore, you make the sale once and earn an income month after month from your efforts.

While there are other affiliate programs on the market that allow you to make a residual income, most, if not all, fall short of the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer its members.

Furthermore, Wealthy Affiliate simply offers you more features for you to make money. The Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan is just the cherry on top of all your Wealthy Affiliate Membership has to offer.

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Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan – The Breakdown

If you are looking to make money online as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate there are some things you should know about the Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan that are important.

Wealthy Affiliate has 3 membership levels – Starter Membership, Premium Membership and Premium Plus Membership. Each membership level has different earnings potential based on the level of membership.

In addition, the commission breakdown has 3 different levels depending on how a referral signs up for Wealthy Affiiate through your link.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Levels And Costs

Here we will go over the different levels of memberships Wealthy Affiliate has to offer as well as the cost of each membership.

Free Starter Membership

Level 1 – Free
Anyone can sign up for a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate and stay a free member as long as you like. 

$19 first month special offer

Wealthy Affiliate offers any new referral sign up a $19 first month special. This offer is great because it gives any potential referral a full 5 weeks to go through the training and set up their website before they have make a decision to use the full potential of Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium Membership

Level 2 – $49/Monthly Premium Membership

This is the start of Wealthy Affiliate’s residual income structure level. Any member can start earning a residual income from the referrals that sign up to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate through your link.

Level 2 – $495 Annual Premium Membership

Premium Plus Membership

Level 3 – $99/Monthly Premium Plus Membership

Wealthy Affiliates top level membership that offers the most features and earning potential to their affiliate marketing partners. Max out your earning potential at this level.

Level 3 – $995/Annual Premium Plus Membership

* If a referral wants to skip paying the monthly fee there is an annual payment option at the Premium and Premium Plus levels. This allows the referral to save money and gives the referral a free domain name for a year – totally awesome!



Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan – Residual Income Structure

1. Free Starter Membership

One of the cool things about Wealthy Affiliate is that you do not need to be a paying member to make money from the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

Free Starter Membership Earnings

Level 1 – $4 ($19 special offer)

Level 2 – $11.75/month or $117.50/year

Level 3 – $23.25/month or $232.50/year

2. Premium Membership 

By becoming a paid Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate it opens up a whole other level of earnings for you to accelerate your monthly income potential.

Premium Member Earnings

Level 1 – $8 ($19 special offer)

Level 2 – $23.50/month or $235/year

Level 3 – $235/year

3. Premium Plus Membership

Upgrading to the Premium Plus Membership unleashes your full earning potential as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium Plus Member Earnings

Level 1 – $23.50 ($49 special offer)

Level 2 – $46.50/month or $465/year

Here is a screen shot of the Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan from the back office of Wealthy Affiliate:

Other Features of the Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan

Training Cash Credit

Wealthy Affiliate pays cash credits to members that provide training on the platform. This training can be in the form of videos, live training or blog posts. These cash credits can be cashed out for cash once you meet a certain threshold. You can also use them to purchase domains or site comments for your websites.

Site Comment Cash Program

Search engines like websites and blogs that have engagement. Wealthy Affiliate provides this engagement through its Site Comments Program. Just go to another members site and comment on their website or blog to make money.

Super Affiliate Incentive

For any affiliate that refers 300 members or more in a year will be taken on an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas. You will join all of the other affiliates that are able to reach that benchmark for an amazing week of fun.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is reserved for the top 25 most active affiliates on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Ultimately, you are ranked and rewarded based on how many member questions you answer, the training you provide and your level of engagement across the platform. Make it into the top 25 to start making money as an Ambassador.

As you can see, the Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan is dynamic and robust. It not only offers you multiple ways to get involved with Wealthy Affiliate and its amazing platform, but also allows you to make money across the entire platform.

This is huge in the world of affiliate marketing! Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools to be successful – free website builder, hosting, domains, keyword research tool, SEO training, live training and more.

Additionally, you do not have to make one referral to start making money online with Wealthy Affiliate. You can make money just being active in the community and helping other members. The more engagement you have in the community, the higher your potential earnings.

Lastly, you get all this awesome goodness from one platform. No other affiliate platform or affiliate program stacks up.

Why? Because Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools, training and support for you to be successful.

How to get started with Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are serious about making money online with affiliate marketing to either grow a part-time or full-time income, there is only one real option:

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 affiliate marketing platform in the world. It boasts the highest rating in the industry for the last 15 years. WA is the most affordable platform to start an online affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate has all the education, training, tools and resources you need to be successful. The WA affiliate training platform is used by some of the top affiliate marketers in the world.


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Wealthy Affiliate Compensation Plan – Is it worth it?





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