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What Products to Sell Online for Affiliate Profits

What products to sell online for affiliate profits

When a new affiliate enters the world of affiliate marketing the most common question I get is “what are the best products to sell online.” Well, the first thing you can do is check out my article called Top 10 Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas 2021.

This will give you some of the best niches to start targeting to position your affiliate business for success over the next few years to come.

From there, I will show you how to dig deeper into those niches to find what products to sell online for affiliate profits – maximum profits!

The main problem most affiliate marketers face is niche and product selection. While it is nice to target a niche that you are interested in, it is also important to work within that niche that can earn you an income.

Further, too many affiliates enter into niches without doing due diligence and research. So, this leads to a lot of hard work in a niche to ultimately find out it is not going to bring in sustainable profits.

I will try to eliminate this headache!

In this article I am going to truly simplify things for you and help you comprehend what products to sell online for affiliate profits.

I will walk you through my process and hopefully by the end you will be well versed and ready to launch a profitable affiliate marketing career.

The Process of Choosing What Products to Sell online, in a Nutshell

If you are new to affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing has a simple functional process. First, you have the affiliate program. Next, you will have the affiliate (You, the middle man or woman). Last, but not least, you will have the customer or purchaser of the product.

  • The affiliate program is the business, company or product owner that is willing to pay you  a commission for selling or promoting their products.
  • As an affiliate you will act as a middle man/woman to help sell the products of the business, company or product owner.
  • When a customer purchases a product you are promoting the business, company or product owner will pay you a commission for your efforts

Based on this process, the most important thing you can do is find reputable businesses, companies or product owners with great products for you to promote for an income.

As an affiliate, you will earn flat rate sale or percentage commission for any product sold. These typically range from 1% – 75%, depending on the company, product or service.

Steps to choosing what products to sell online:

Here I will break down the 3 the basic steps to choosing what products to sell online. Choosing what products to sell online is a process and takes some research to find the buried treasure.

Once you are able to drill down on a niche and find some awesome products to sell, the possibility for you to become a successful affiliate marketer is limitless. So let’s get to it!

Step 1 –  Choose an evergreen niche or a niche that looks to have positive trend lines

An evergreen niche is a niche that is needed by people on a regular basis, can resist most disasters, and does not fall into a “trend” category. These niches mostly include health and fitness, finance, job/career development, and insurance to name a few.

Therefore, many affiliates thrive in evergreen niches because the products within each of these niches are needed by millions of people across the globe on a daily basis.

By choosing a niche and products within that niche that are in constant need by the general public will ultimately give you a great foundation for building out your affiliate business.

In addition, if you are looking for products or services that are trending and can bring in great profits over a 1-5 year period, a great place to start your research is Google Trends.

Google Trends will show you what products people are searching for based on the keywords entered.

Here is an example:

Although, you must be careful when attacking a niche that is trending for the simple fact that most trends come to an end. But, if you are able to hop on at the right time and go for a ride, it could be a wild one!

You can also use a great keyword research tool like Jaaxy to do some of the same research using the “brainstorm” function within Jaaxy.  This tool will show you all the trending topics across the major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Once you see what is trending, you can choose what products to sell online based on the current interests of consumers.

Screen shot of the Jaxxy Brainstrom feature:

I use Google Trends and Jaaxy on a daily basis in my business. These tools are great for research and keep me ahead of the curve on possible opportunities that are attractive in pursuing.

Step 2 – Choose products that bring in higher commissions 

Someone once told me, “it takes the same time and effort to sell a $10 product as it does to sell a $1,000 product.” Right at that moment I changed my total mindset about choosing what products to sell online.

I basically asked myself, why am I fiddling around with $.20 commissions when I can bring in $100-$500 commissions with the same amount of effort.

In your mind, you may think, hey, a $10 product is more affordable to the masses and I can sell thousands of them. This may be true, but $.20 commissions are tough to sustain for the long haul – unless you are selling thousands of $10 products a month.

This is why I try to focus on products that bring in at least $20 per sale.

Quick Steps to Choosing High Commission Products to Sell Online

Here we will focus on Amazon and Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates allows you to become an immediate affiliate marketer and puts you in a position to promote any of the over 500 million products on Amazon.

1. Go to Amazon and type in a general niche like Outdoor Furniture

Products to sell online

2. Click on “sort by” and select Price: High to Low

Sell online for affiliate profits

3. Find the products that meets the Minimum Review Requirement


Rule of Thumb to meet the Minimum Review Requirement (how many reviews a product has on Amazon)


**4 Stars or more are required to meet the Minimum Review Requirement**

Price -$1–$100 – Minimum of 1,000 reviews

Price – $100–$500 – Minimum of 500 reviews

Price – $500–$2,000 – Minimum of 100 reviews

Price – $2,000–$10,000 – Minimum of 20 reviews

In this example, the first product to meet this requirement in this niche can be seen below:

What products to sell online

4. Check to see if there are add ons that can be added to the purchase

Pro Tip: Make sure there are 2 cool products that are unrelated to the original product being purchased.

Using the example above, you can see that this product has at least 2 very cool product add ons that fit well with the original product being purchased.

Sell products for affiliate profits
Which leads us to step 3…

Step 3 – Choose products that have relevant add ons

Having cool add ons to add to the original purchase will only boost your affiliate compensation. In fact, add ons can account for 5-10% of additional revenue to your business over the course of year. So, this crucial step can not be overlooked.

Pro Tip: Make sure there are at least 2 really cool products in the add on section and the add on section is diverse in its pricing. Spending an extra $300 may be a stretch for some but $50-$100 is doable.

Using the 2 add on products in the example above, you can see that the products are cool and diverse in there pricing. But, they also make sense within the grand scheme of the purchase being made.

The chances of an add on being purchased with this product is good. Ultimately, the product in the example meets all the requirements in the steps listed above and is a product I would promote for affiliate commissions.

Breaking Down What Products Bring in the Most Affiliate Profits

In the past year Amazon has made some changes to its commission structure. These changes have affected the revenue an affiliate can make from promoting products from the platform.

But, with any change, one must adapt and try to find the opportunity within the new reality.

Making less money on popular categories sucks! But, millions of products are sold on Amazon a monthly basis and growing.

So, finding what the best products are to sell online for the most affiliate profits has not changed.

My 3-Step Process has always been based on what commission percentage Amazon is offering and the price point within each product category.

Here is a screenshot of the current Amazon commission structure:

What products to sell

As you can see, the current sweet spot is any of the products listed in 3-5% commission range with Luxury Beauty Products leading the way at 10%.

Doing a quick search of the Luxury Beauty Category, using my 3 step method, I was able to find this product to promote – Medical Recliner 3D Massage Chair – $6,999.

Sell online affiliate products

Being that this product is in the Luxury Beauty category and is currently paying a 10% commission, I would earn $699 for every chair sold.

$699 for the sale of 1 product is a great pay day for any affiliate marketer.

In essence, even though Amazon has tightened up its commission structure to make it a little harder on affiliates to make money, there is still plenty of opportunities available.

In addition, there are great products, at great price points, for you to make generous commissions off of on a daily basis. Most of the information is right in front of your eyes if you know where and how to look for it.

If I am looking for a product that would bring in the most affiliate profits based on Amazon’s current commission structure I just simply use the information provided by Amazon and do my 3 step research.

A couple quick searches can make you a product sniper!

Where can you learn what products to sell online?

If you want to learn more about what products to sell online, as well as, get a complete affiliate marketing education, I would recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only will I be your personal mentor, you will have personal access to some of the top affiliate marketers in the world.

I will personally help guide you through the world of affiliate marketing. You will also have access to live video training and 24/7 support if you ever have a question.

One of the most important things you will do as an affiliate marketer is pick your niche and what products to sell online. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the comprehensive affiliate training and resources to get you started on the right foot.

The goal is to get you making money in the fastest time possible while building a business that is actually sustainable.

Wealthy Affiliate is the one platform that you must have if you plan on learning affiliate marketing, what products to sell online and how to put it all together.

But, you will also have access to an environment where you can get all the tools, websites, hosting, training, coaching and interact support to create and grow a business within the affiliate marketing world.


What Products to Sell Online for Affiliate Profits





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